Types of Fashion Photo Shoots and Advertising in Milan (part 2)

If you are a Milan photographer and you are interested in style, fashion and commercial photography, you can make those your bread by mastering several types of photo shoots. Here are the most important of them:


Editorial is shooting for publications in different types of media, mainly for beauty magazines. Through this type of images, a glamour photographer in Milan should deliver an emotional photo story, telling about some character or event. This genre covers photos from shows, high life or street style pictures, as well as staged photography elaborating on a specific theme. Editorials differ from commercial photos in lack of direct product or brand advertising.


An advertising photographer takes pictures of advertisers’ products trying to illustrate their benefits, while creating an attractive image and certain mood. When shooting a look book, a photographer has to focus on product features like design, style, material, color options and so on. When creating images for brand building, a photographer shifts his focus on revealing a certain idea through artistic means, paying less attention to product details.

Model Portfolio

Each fashion photographer in Milan has to be competent in taken snapshots and model tests, which are mandatory for building a professional model career. These are standardized photos designed to demonstrate model’s natural appearance and the potential in posing and creating various images. Snapshots are quite static and taken without any makeup, accessories and retouching, while model tests allow some accessories and natural makeup, also showing some dynamics. Both types of photo shoots require photographer’s knowledge of general rules adopted in modeling agencies.