Tips for Models from a Fashion and Advertising Photographer in Milan

Professional portfolio is a must for any model, especially when you are a newcomer in the industry. You may hope that some model scout or fashion photographer in Milan will just stumble upon you sitting in a café and then open the floodgates to modeling business, but it is smarter to take no chances and to make some effort for achieving a success. So, you should find an experienced Milan
 and have a photo session to get appropriate pictures for your portfolio. But what kind of pictures do you need for fashion photo shoots and advertising in Milan?

To begin with, you need snapshots. This is a standard set of pictures without any posing, taken from certain angles: full-length, from the front, from the back, from the side, close-up, with a smile and without it, with hair gathered and loose, etc. Snapshots serve to show model’s physique, her real body constitution and the face without make-up – an agency has to understand mode’s potential for commercial photography and fashion shows. Thus, snapshots are technical photos taken without any accessories and post-production retouching. A model usually wears a one-color two-piece bathing suit or underwear, as well as tight clothes and heels.

Though alike in avoiding accessories and retouching, model test is a different type of photo shoot aiming to reveal model’s competencies. A model has to show her talents in posing, while creating various images. There have to be at least 3 images, expressive and convincing enough to impress a modeling agency. Usually, these photos are taken with little accessories, but you may add to the gallery some pictures advertising clothes or other products (if you have any).

An experienced glamour photographer in Milan usually knows all requirements to snapshots and model tests, so you just need to book a photo shoot and show yourself to the best advantage.