Make-Up Dos and Don’ts for a Photo Session in Milan

As a fashion photographer in Milan, I am often asked about make-up for a photo shoot. The best answer is to have a professional make-up artist who can do more than just a make-up – create a unique look. Most of fashion photographer services in Milan include make-up artist assistance, as well as stylist services, but your budget may not meet the expenses. So, here are several DIY tips on how to put on make-up for a fashion photo shoots.

  • Oily sheen on the face is the key enemy of any model. This is especially true, when you are photographed in a photo studio in Milan: make-up literally melts under lighting equipment.

Do use mattifying face cream, foundation and powder (taking your powder to the photo shoot location is a must).

Don’t use make-up with shimmering and brightening effects to avoid excessive shine.

  • Do you want your face and neck to differ in color? Or do you want to pay more to your photographer in Milan for editing?

Do choose foundation matching the shade of your neck and shoulders and put it on all exposed parts of your body to avoid the dramatic contrast on your photos.

Don’t use foundation that is lighter than the shade of your face, since flash lights usually produce this effect, and so it is smarter to have foundation that is a half tone darker than vice versa.

  • When having a photo shoot session in a photo studio in Milan, make sure that your make-up is brighter and more graphic than usual, since studio lighting takes some of color.

Do make your eyes expressive sparing no mascara, eye shadow and liner and even use fake eyelashes to get a deeper look. Give preference to darker shades of natural colors in your eye make-up and blend liner and shadow carefully to get softer effect.

Don’t forget about your lips adding a liner of matching color to a lipstick or gloss, which must be long-lasting. But don’t make focus on both eyes and lips: allow one thing catching an eye and the other adding to your look.

  • Your photo shoot in Milan deserves some effort, so do bother to work with corrective coversticks, cover-up creams, concealers, blushers and other beauty products that can help in face sculpturing.

Do use lighter shades on your nose, forehead, chin and under the eyes to add some volume and radiance, while darker shades are put on the temples and cheekbones to accent face contours.

Don’t forget about blending to avoid abrupt color jumps. Also, don’t put make-up heavily under the eyes, as its texture reveals expression lines.