Ideas about Your Wedding Venue and Photo Session in Milan

Photographer services in Milan is rather sought-after among young couples who choose Italy for their romantic wedding. Yes, there are not so much scenic wedding locations in the city compared to Amalfi Coast or Italian Rivera, but a good photographer in Milan can offer a least several options depending on a wedding photo session theme. However, we can’t fail to agree that the best wedding venues are located outside the city, like Lake Como or Lake Maggiore neighborhoods with their multiple glamorous lakeside villas, luxury hotels, centuries-old castles and churches. Though really beautiful and romantic, these sites are located within almost two hours driving distance from the city, while there are some less obvious, but closer locations. As a glamour photographer in Milan, I set sights on a couple on them and now am ready to share my experience with you.

  • Fortezza Viscontea

Fortezza Viscontea is a 4-star hotel that occupies a 13th-century castle in Cassano d’Adda, located just within an hour drive from Milan, between Piazza Garibaldi and the Adda River. It comprises about 30 rooms overlooking the Alps or the river and ​​10 hectares of nearby land with picturesque fields and forest. The castle impresses with its grandeur featuring thick stone walls, pointed arches, giant halls, spacious corridors, passages and the courtyard, which is just perfect venue for a marriage banquet in the open air. The hotel is unique for its exquisite interiors decorated with amazing Giotto school frescoes, which are in a rather good state of preservation. Any Milan photographer will appreciate the stunning atmosphere of an ancient castle blended with stylish modern furniture and pleasing waterscape.

  • Mornico Castle

Another hidden place in the vicinity of Milan is a nice Mornico Losana village crowned by a small, but picturesque castle built in the 18th century. Nowadays, it is used as a guest house and a venue for weddings, business meetings and other events. The castle features a swimming pool and a neat garden decorated with columns, statues and a fountain, but the best thing about it is a breath-taking view overlooking a beautiful pastoral landscape – green hills covered with fields and vineyards. A castle courtyard seems to be a perfect place for outdoor weddings and romantic photo shoots due to its elegant style and historic touch.