How to Find a Photo Studio for Fashion Photo Shoots and Advertising in Milan

  • Interior Studio or Studio With Backdrops

The choice between an interior studio and a studio with backdrops depends on a photo shoot theme: family/children/wedding/love story/traditional portrait and so on. An advertising photographer may choose a studio with a choice of backdrops, while for family or wedding photo shoot it is better to choose a studio with beautiful interior. A fashion photographer in Milan should keep in mind that studios with just backdrops are usually much cheaper, and even if a studio offers both options, it often takes a lower rent for using only backdrops.

  • Lighting Equipment

Before choosing a photo studio for rent, each Milan photographer should reason out whether he/she is going to use studio flash light or daylight from the window. If you choose the second option, check if there is enough ambient light in the premise and how many sources of permanent artificial lighting are installed there. For commercial photography, you are sure to need some flash kits, so ask about quantity and features of the lighting equipment provided in a studio.

  • Studio Size

Consider the size of a studio that you are going to rent depending on a photo shoot format (portrait or full length). Keep in mind that the distance of about 5 meters is critical for a comfortable photo shoot, especially when it comes to long-focus lenses. Also, pay attention to ceiling height: it has to be about 3 meters, but 4 meters is more preferable.

  • Dressing Room And Amenities

For fashion photo shoots and advertising in Milan you need more than just a premise with a bunch of equipment. Consider a studio with some kind of dressing room, lounge area, bathroom with a shower and other separated zones where photo shoot participants can get changed, apply make-up, have the hair dressed or just have some rest. Also, there should be enough space to comfortably accommodate all clothes, shoes, accessories provided for a photo shoot.

  • Additional Services

Any glamour photographer in Milan needs help of a professional stylist and makeup artist, unless they are provided by a customer. Sometimes, you may also need a lighting photo assistant or post processing and color correction specialist. If you don’t have your own team, ask if the required pros are available in the studio and what their fees are. Often you can save some money using the studio extras (compared with engaging outsource services).