Things You Should Learn to Become a Fashion Photographer on Fashion Shows in Milan

What to Shoot?

Photographers working on fashion shows can be divided into two types: those who handle a technical task of shooting clothes on a catwalk for publishing in commercial catalogs and those who are focused on event photography taking pictures of a fashion show, its atmosphere, backstage and celebrities. Sure, an experienced fashion photographer in Milan must be professional in both types of work, but a newcomer should focus on one thing at a time instead of rushing between the catwalk and backstage areas.

How to Get in?

Look for opportunities, as photographer services in Milan are rather in-demand and even an inexperienced photographer can get a chance. Try to become acquainted with novice designers, contribute to magazines and online media and keep in touch with experienced fashion photographers. They can get you an invitation and accreditation to an event.

Which Equipment to Take?

Apparently, you will need a good camera and high-speed zoom. You can try to use fixed-focus lens, but you will hardly have enough time to change lenses during a show. As a rule, the most convenient lens for a full-frame camera is 70-200 with an aperture of 2.8. Usually, there is good lighting on such shows, but there may be some exceptions, and if you are not allowed to shoot with a flash, you will have to shoot at a shutter speed of 1/160-1/200 s with a 2.8 aperture, while matching sensitivity with lighting conditions. If possible, set white balance in advance, and don’t forget to have reserve memory cards and batteries with you, as there will be much shooting.

Where to Stay?

Do remember that it is not a photo shoot session in your photo studio in Milan, so be prepared to work in a crowded space. There will be a lot of photographers on a show, and the best places near a podium will be occupied by official photographers of brands and various magazines. You will need all your communication skills, friendliness and patience to work effectively without getting in the way of other photographers. Be ready to sit on the floor or to stand on something (this something you should bring with you in advance). A professional fashion photographer in Milan will manage to shoot not only models on the catwalk, but also the audience response and celebrities, if some of them get into the frame.

Manage Your Time

It is a great piece of luck, if you can see a show walk-through, since this helps in getting prepared for shooting: you can choose what to focus on beforehand. Anyway, come to a show in advance and don’t miss designer’s entrance at the end of it (sometimes they show up only for a few seconds).