Fashion Photo Shoots and Advertising in Milan: How to Get Prepared for a Session

When searching for a fashion photographer in Milan with the aim to get a professional model portfolio, you need to understand that the quality of pictures depends on both photographer and model. While your Milan photographer has to provide corresponding photo equipment and the expertise helping in creating advantageous images, you are responsible for the way you look, you feel about the session and the emotions you are ready to deliver. An experienced advertising photographer will help you relax and suggest postures, but a model should make some efforts in her preparation for a photo shoot.

  • Have a good sleep and avoid drinking alcohol and much water in the run-up to your session. Sure, there is retouching, but you can’t feel at ease understanding you have baggy eyes and other unpleasant signs of fatigue.
  • Do not visit a tanning salon just before your session, unless you want to look older than in real life. Tanning can show quite unexpected results, so it is better to avoid experimenting.
  • Have some time for warm-up exercise prior to your photo shoot. This will help stretch the muscles and improve the body plasticity that is very useful for easy posing during the session. Yoga, pilates, stretching, breathing exercises are your friends, also helping settle the nerves. But muscle-building exercises are undesired on the eve of your photo shoot, since this can result in muscle soreness hindering freedom of movement.
  • Train facial expressions, gestures, postures, emotions in front of the mirror in advance. Note that naturalness is welcomed even in commercial photography, while vulgar postures, taut smiles and unthinking eyes are unprofessional. Think of emotions you want to deliver and try to express them in body language. When training, change your postures gradually, smoothly, staying in the frame of a chosen image.
  • Think about your hair style, makeup, clothes and accessories, as well as other attributes that you can use during your photo shoot to create necessary images. Your glamour photographer in Milan can recommend a make-up artist and stylist for your session, but if you can’t afford professionals, your appearance is up to you. Keep in mind that a makeup for a photo shoot should be more expressive compared to your everyday makeup, but a pronounced graphic contrast is acceptable only for black and white photography