3 Tips on How to Find a Professional Fashion Photographer in Milan

Fashion and commercial photography is an extremely attractive, yet highly competitive area of the industry, where famous names always take precedence over willing horses in the eyes of major publishers and advertisers. But there are quite a lot of young and talented photographers with expertise, knowledge and skills in fashion photo shoots and advertising in Milan, who can qualitatively carry out commercial, editorial and other fashion projects at an affordable price. On the other hand, there are even more young photographers with little experience in fashion shoot, who have just started beating their path to professionalism – but this doesn’t prevent them from promising  their prospective employers too much.

So, how can you separate the real professionals from rookies and find a reliable fashion photographer in Milan? Sometimes, you can make a right choice just by carefully examining his/her portfolio. Here are some tips:

  • Diversity Is Good

Yes, each Milan photographer has some kind of portfolio with a set of different photos. But are they really different? Looking at them more closely, you can find the same poses, camera angles, models and other repetitive details that show either lack of experience or poor imagination. An experienced advertising photographer can always present a diverse variety of photos from different types of photo shoots.

  • Focus Is an Advantage

On the other hand, when you are looking for a glamour photographer in Milan to make, for example, a professional model portfolio, you are not really interested in observing his/her wedding or family photo shoots, right? You may expect that in the first place a photographer will show you samples of his/her model portfolios and only then will move to other photos just to give you a general overview of the experience. If he/she does, it shows the focused attention to your problem and this counts in favor of the photographer.

  • Updating Is a Must

When were these photos taken? Five years ago? Maybe, in times gone by this advertising photographer was a pro, but what about nowadays? Fresh photos prove that a photographer is in demand in the industry and knows what’s trending, not to mention the fact that he/she succeeds in the self-development. Besides, an earnest photographer is unlikely to feed the clients with old photos, having something fresh to show.