My name is Irina Litvinenko. I’m a fashion photographer for now over 15 years and I am based in Milan. As part of my career, I collaborated with many fashion agencies, editorials and models which are internationally renown. I have honed my concept of photography and I have specialized in showing the clients a very feminine view of things also as part of my collaboration with magazine . The emphasis of sensuality and charm in both the female and male universe is my passion. Together with my team of women, we bring forth highly detailed results. In 2017 I opened my own photographic studio located in the center of Milan. We regularly host courses, photographic events, exhibitions as well as shootings and in this are a point of reference for many photographers in Milan.

Special prize …

Alterego – G.F. Ferre – Emanuela Pignarea – Laura Mariotti – Pasquale Bonfilio – Rosa Lou – Scarf of the word – Martin Alvarez – Anonima – Miramor – No+vello – Pamilla – Franco Pugi – Mad’ Hatters – Mason de marie – Racine carrè – Lara Bellini – Acros – Dance’in – Cerruti – Castel d’oro